2013 – present // WASH Project

The Water Access, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) Project aims to increase access to safe water and promote health in the Mpoma community. The goals of the project are to decrease the amount of time each family spends per day collecting water, promote a savings culture, and develop a curriculum to educate and empower community members on proper sanitation and hygiene practices.
Access to water in the Nama sub-county is limited due to a dearth of access points to water and a maintenance problems.As the sources of water become nonfunctional, the residents of the villages have to travel further and further to access safe water, sometimes forcing the families to walk nearly an hour from their homes. Furthermore,one of the largest problems our partnership noticed was the lack of long term care for the sources of water. Many villages felt that the drilled sources of water were a donation and that the donor was responsible for their upkeep. The WASH Project will change that by empowering the community members to take ownership of the sources.
While helping the community members gain easier access to water, our partnership felt it would be beneficial to impart an educational curriculum to the community. A curriculum based on information collected from surveying community members will be developed and taught to students at Johnson Nkosi Memorial Primary School and the Village Health Team (VHT) members. The students and VHT members will then empower others by spreading proper sanitation and hygiene practices.

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