Meet Our Executive Board


External President: Harveen Sekhon


Year: 4th year

Major: Human Biology and Society

Extracurricular Activities: Shadowing at Ronald Reagan, Trauma Research Associate at Cedars Sinai

Favorite GlobeMed Memory: Spring Retreat, all of us sang throwback songs and just bonded!

Fun Fact: I have a small dog named Titan 🙂



Internal President: Ryan Rizeq


Year: 4th year

Major: Civil & Environmental Engineering

Extracurricular Activities: RA for UCLA Residential Life, Engineering Ambassador, ASCE

Favorite GlobeMed Memory: Getting to go on GROW this past summer!

Fun Fact: My favorite snack since preschool has been goldfish


Co-Director of Campaigns: Shauna Burr


Year: 4th year

Major: Environmental Science and Psychology with a minor in Environmental Health Sciences

Extracurricular Activities: Vice President of Education for Phi Sigma Rho (a social sorority for women in STEM)

Favorite GlobeMed Memory: The Christmas party last year, specifically the Secret Santa portion because I got some sick socks.

Fun Fact: I love SCUBA diving, but I hate dolphins 😉


Co-Director of Campaigns: Gabrielle Montalbano


Year: 3rd year

Major: Human Biology and Society with a minor in Public Health

Extracurricular Activities: Stroke Research, Outdoor Guide, Clinic for Homeless of LA

Favorite GlobeMed Memory: Teaching at Johnson Nkosi with Claudia and going on outreach trips to villages via Boda Boda!

Fun Fact: I’ve been stung by bees in 5 different countries!


Co-Director of Communications: Justin Park


Year: 4th year

Major: Psychobiology

Extracurricular Activities: New Student Advisor for UCLA Orientation, COPE Health Scholar at Dignity Health, Research Assistant at the Semel Institute, Undergraduate Learning Assistant

Favorite GlobeMed Memory: Banquet at the end of my freshman year!

Fun Fact: I can play up to 8 different musical instruments.


Co-Director of Communications: Blake Panter


Year: 2nd year

Major: Pre-Human Biology and Society

Extracurricular Activities: Fraternity, playing the piano, UCLA dental volunteer

Favorite GlobeMed Memory: Eating Cha Cha chicken at the end of the year party last year

Fun Fact: I can make an origami dragon (my one and only party trick)


Director of Community Building: Dominic Robolino


Year: 3rd year

Major: Biology

Extracurricular Activities: GlobeMed, Bruin Film Society, Research

Favorite GlobeMed Memory: Dragging people into the pool at Spring Retreat

Fun Fact: I’ve never eaten a Twinkie


Director of Finance: Rebecca DeShelter



Year: 4th year

Major: Civil and Environmental Engineering

Extracurricular Activities: Guide for UCLA Outdoor Adventures, interested in pursuing graduate study in hydrology

Favorite GlobeMed Memory: 

Fun Fact: I enjoy cheeses and love cloudy days


Internal globalhealthU Coordinator: Asli Pekcan


Year: 3rd year

Major: Neuroscience

Extracurricular Activities: Research in a neurobiology lab on campus on memory and learning, playing piano

Favorite GlobeMed Memory: Volunteering at LA Kitchen

Fun Fact: I lived in Switzerland for 3 years


External globalhealthU Coordinator: Waania Beg



Year: 3rd year

Major: Anthropology

Extracurricular Activities: Research Assistant at the Semel Institute, Volunteer with Project Health, Peer Learning Facilitator for Academic & Student Services

Favorite GlobeMed Memory: My first retreat ever with my fellow GlobeMedders two years ago! We were supposed to go hiking but it didn’t go exactly as planned. We still made the most of it and I enjoyed forming closer bonds with other members

Fun Fact: I’ve had a parrot, snake, and a goat as pets before.


Director of Partnerships: Sanji Gowda



Year: 3rd year

Major: Human Biology and Society with a minor in Evolutionary Medicine

Extracurricular Activities: ARC, T.E.A.C.H.

Favorite GlobeMed Memory: Going to Uganda on the GROW Internship! Getting to work with our amazingly dedicated partner and my GROW buddies was such a great experience! I learned so much about the importance of community empowerment and communication. Getting to be around such motivated individuals, excited to spread healthy WASH practices, was an experience that taught me a tremendous amount

Fun Fact: In Uganda, I went white water rafting on the Nile River and flipped out of the boat twice!


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