Meet Our Executive Board

Screen Shot 2016-09-19 at 6.05.03 PM.png

External President: Amanda Abunimeh


Amanda is a fourth year majoring in Human Biology & Society.

When she’s not managing most of the external affairs for our chapter, you can find her working hard as an Instruction Consultant at the UCLA CLiCC Lab as well as being the Queen of the Generally Awesome Human Beings Club (GAHB). It’s an important job.

Her favorite GlobeMed Memory: “On GROW this past summer, when I inadvertently initiated a coal-smearing fight with a bunch of the students (and a few of the teachers) at Johnson Nkosi Memorial Primary School.”

She says her spirit animal truly resonates with a baboon. Most who know Amanda agree with that statement.



Internal President: Charlotte Follari

CHARLOTTE pro pic.png

Charlotte is a fourth year majoring in International Development Studies with a minor in French.

This past summer, she interned in New York City for WaterAid America and has also interned for the Global Health Corps (yay global health!).

Her favorite GlobeMed Memory: “For our Spring Quarter staple fundraiser, we held an event called Suns Out Buns Out at Sunset Rec. We had water melon smashing, donut eating contests, and hotdog eating competitions. Watching our members compete was the highlight for me!”
Apparently, Charlotte has been skiing since she was five. Her favorite run is the Highland Bowl in Aspen, Colorado, where you hike up a 48-degree vertical climb and ski down from 12,392 feet. #views


Co-Director of Campaigns: Dorothy Nguyen

Dorothy pro pic.png

Dorothy is a third year majoring in Human Biology & Society with a minor in Food Studies.

Dorothy spends her time running around campus, as she is involved with Alpha Epsilon Delta, Venice Family Clinic, and the Teaching Kitchen. She is also an AAP English Peer Learning Facilitator and a DiSH Lab Research Assistant. #goals

Her favorite GlobeMed memory: “Definitely spring retreat last year–everyone got super competitive during the games we played and it was hilarious but also so much fun!”

Dorothy also helps run an amazing food blog called Hangry Grandmas, which you should check out!


Co-Director of Campaigns: Sanji Gowda

Sanji pro pic.png

Sanji is a second year majoring in Human Biology & Society.

She is involved in the Alumni Scholars Club as well as a program called ARC, which evaluates patient experience at the Ronald Reagan Medical Center. You can also find Sanji at the David Geffen School of Medicine as a research assistant for an OBGYN lab! #werk

Her favorite GlobeMed memory: “Attending GlobeMed Summit in Evanston with my fellow GlobeMedders! I learned so much about global health equity, career options, and got so close with my chapter members! It was truly an unforgettable experience!”

Sanji also loves to bake and cook for friends and family. One time, she baked cookies from scratch everyday for a whole week! Now, that’s dedication.

Co-Director of Communications: Krithi Murthy

Krithi pro pic 2.png

Krithi is a fourth year majoring in Sociology with a minor in Global Health.

She is involved with the Indian Student Union at UCLA, as the Director of Performing Arts, and works at Partnership UCLA, where she helps students with their academic and professional development.

Her favorite GlobeMed Memory: “I loved going to GlobeMed Summit! It was my first introduction to other GlobeMed communities and I loved learning even more about global health and global health equity.”

When she’s not watching Bollywood movies in her spare time, Krithi likes to admire her betta fish Helen, who is in fact a male! #FindingHelen


Co-Director of Communications: Gabrielle Montalbano

gab pro pic.png

Gabrielle is a second year majoring in Human Biology & Society.

She is also involved with the Happy Feet Mobile Clinic and the Chicago Children’s Advocacy Center.

Her favorite GlobeMed Memory: “Going to Uganda and living in Lukojjo village on GROW!”

When you meet Gabrielle, you’ll notice her mesmerizing eyes because they’re actually two different colors!


Director of Community Building: Ryan Rizeq

Ryan Pro pic.png

Ryan is a third year majoring in Civil & Environmental Engineering.

On campus, he is involved with the Engineering Ambassadors, Residential Life, and Chi Epsilon.

His favorite GlobeMed memory: “When we had a competition to see which team could make the best tippy-tap with the least amount of resources.”

If you ever want to be best friends with Ryan, just remember that his favorite snack is Goldfish! That’s all you need.


Director of Finance: Asli Pekcan

asli pro pic.png

Asli is a second year majoring in Neuroscience.

She is also involved with Care Extenders.

Her favorite GlobeMed memory: “I loved my first ever GhU discussion on ‘The Right to be Offended & Safe Spaces'”.

If you love dogs, you should definitely chat with Asli, because she’s a certified therapy dog handler!


Internal globalhealthU Coordinator: Rebecca DeShelter

becca pro pic.png

Rebecca/Becca is a third year Civil Engineering student who tries to bridge the north-south campus divide (no pun intended).

She spends her time guiding wilderness outings for UCLA Recreation or organizing the next ghU.

Her favorite GlobeMed memory: “The first time I facilitated a small group discussion, I walked away with a huge smile, and I love leading ghU discussions about global health topics close to my heart.”

Although otherwise uncoordinated, Becca can cartwheel one-handed!


External globalhealthU Coordinator: Clara Lengacher

Clara pro pic.png

Clara is a fourth year majoring in Human Biology & Society with a minor in Public Health.

You can find her editing other students’ essays when she’s working at The Writing Center or she’s in the lab as a Social Psychology research assistant.

Her favorite GlobeMed memory:  “World Day of Social Justice at Venice Beach! It was so much fun”.

If you ever find yourself in a difficult situation, make sure to call Clara because she’s an EMT!


Director of Partnerships: Caroline Fernandes

Caroline pro pic.png

Caroline is a third year majoring in Psychobiology.

She is also involved as a Research Assistant at the Bjork Learning and Memory lab and is a Cultural Affairs Commission staff member.

Her favorite GlobeMed Memory: “At the end of last year all our chapter did an activity where each person chose a member to compliment/highlight any special contributions. It was amazing to both how far we had come as a chapter and how close everyone had gotten!”

She claims her spirit animal is an otter, because they’re playful, nurturing, and easygoing, but still wild and determined. When you meet Caroline, you will find she really is all of the adjectives listed above.

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