April’s Passion and Optimism


April Olivas is a 3rd year majoring in Molecular, Cell, and Developmental Biology with a minor in Spanish. Originally from Fresno, CA, April is one of our new members of the Community Building Committee this year! Apparently, she loved The Little Mermaid so much that her mom let her name her sister Ariel when she was 5-years-old.


Growing up, my family had always watched the news and we were able to talk openly about our opinions on the events we saw happening throughout the world. Jumping forward to college, it has gotten a lot harder to keep myself updated and knowledgable about events not only happening around the world, but my own country and community. There have been so many conflicts such as environmental concern, religious schisms, economic stress, and social justice tension, and it is so easy for opinions and points of view to get clouded by the biased propaganda coming at you from every angle.

Despite the traditionally conservative town that I grew up in, it was so easy to learn about these issues objectively in my own home and form my opinions based on reason and the morals that my family raised me with. As an adult forming my own identity in the real world, it has been a lot different in that I am now all on my own to learn, grow, and discover who I truly am utilizing the tools that family trusted me with. It is very easy to get discouraged by the harsh reality we have to face at times, but I’d like to think that UCLA is filled with people who are shining lights at the ends of dark tunnels and voices of reason and optimism.

I would like to particularly credit my new GlobeMed family with giving me not only a group of people who are passionate about health and HIV/AIDS prevention, but also a space to comfortably share my thoughts and concerns about whatever may be going on at the time. Although I have only been in this organization for a short amount of time, I am so thankful to have met such passionate, intelligent, driven people who challenge me to stay knowledgeable about the amazing cause that we are working towards and the world around me. Because of my experience in GlobeMed so far, I have grown a passion for HIV/AIDS prevention and I recently started an internship at mothers2mothers, which aims to educate and train women with HIV/AIDS to become frontline healthcare workers. I am excited about the rest of my time and the experiences that lie ahead in this organization, and I am optimistic about carrying out everything I have learned here through the rest of my life endeavors.


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