Looking Through a Critical Lens

Amanda Abunimeh, our wonderful External Co-president, is a 4th year, Human Biology & Society major. She looks forward to the year ahead in her final year of GlobeMed with the new members voices and thoughts. To prove what a stellar human she is, this past summer she ran a Ragnar Relay and was part of a team of 12. Together they ran ~188 miles along the Wasatch Back mountain range! Way to go Amanda 🙂

Watching the news the past few months has felt like alternating between watching a horror movie and watching an overly drawn out SNL skit. We have seen live videos of police shootings, graphic clips of the war in the Middle East, haunting images of the Syrian refugee crisis, reports of the devastation in Haiti caused by Hurricane Matthew, and– arguably the most disturbing– soundbites from the most ridiculous presidential candidate in American history. Looking at all the horrible things happening around us, it’s pretty easy to become discouraged (and that’s an understatement).

The problem is, it’s hard to gain perspective when you’re constantly bombarded with a narrative that describes horrors like famine, war, and all-around-disaster as inevitable. How are we supposed to figure out how to solve problems if they’re fed to us as unsolvable?

It’s times like these where I find myself incredibly fortunate to have GlobeMed as my foundation. After 3 years of critically analyzing media coverage, models of aid, and social norms, I’ve developed a lens through which I can watch the news, see past the catastrophe, and look instead at the systems that allowed people to fall through the cracks (or in some cases, chasms). For three years I’ve surrounded myself with people who are not only ready to challenge conventional thought, but also to ask big questions, brainstorm solutions, and actively promote change.

A few Thursdays ago, 16 new members walked into our meeting, and brought with them new ideas, new energy, and a lot of hope. As startling as it is to think that my time left at UCLA consists of a few more months, I’m so excited that I’ll get to spend it learning from these incredible people. Come June, my Thursday evenings will be open for the first time since freshman year; GlobeMed, however, will be far from over.


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