Naeha’s Last Thoughts

With a Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Genetics major and Music Industry minor, Naeha is definitely a girl of many talents. A recent UCLA graduate, she has been singing for 15 years and dancing for 13 years and has played a significant role in ensuring the success of our GlobeMed chapter. With a heavy heart we say farewell to our incredible former president, but we look forward to witnessing the success that is sure to come her way. Congratulations, Naeha!

When I applied to GlobeMed 3 years ago, I had no idea what I was getting into. I had been introduced to this organization by my cousin, Shreyas, from GlobeMed at University of Colorado Boulder. I knew that if he went through the trouble of introducing me to GlobeMed’s president and following up with me about applying throughout the year, this had to be something special. I was very happy to realize I was not wrong.

GlobeMed taught me the meaning of a global health organization that believes in true partnership. It taught me to think critically about what partnership means and what the best routes are to effectively create change in a community. It taught me the importance of understanding the culture and the people of a community before attempting to fix what we perceive to be the problems present there. However, the most powerful lesson I’ve learned from GlobeMed has been the most unexpected.

GlobeMed taught me the importance of community. I have found a community of people that I know I will admire and respect for the rest of my life – both within chapter at UCLA and from other chapters within the national network. These are the people who push me to deconstruct issues and analyze them from every angle. These are the people whose passion inspires me everyday.

From Shreyas Dai to Anupa Gewali, a family friend who also happened to be GlobeMed at UCLA’s chapter advisor for several years, GlobeMed has truly been a family affair. I am so happy to pass on this Nepali baton to my little brother, Barune Thapa, as he starts a new GlobeMed chapter at UC Berkeley. I am so excited to watch the GlobeMed community grow with this new chapter!

To all the members of GlobeMed at UCLA, thank you for an incredible year. Thank you for making my job so easy and for always being extremely helpful and respectful. Thank you for making every ghU thought provoking and meaningful. Thank you for always pushing me to be better and to make this chapter better.

To this year’s eboard, thank you for all your hard work. You were our dream team and each of you contributed your heart and passion to this chapter, making this year so successful.
Finally, to my co, Ayesha, I can’t say thank you enough for all your support. We have been through so much this year, but we stuck by each other through it all and came out of it stronger. I could not have asked for a better partner through this year.

GlobeMed, it’s been real. I don’t think I’ve accepted that I will no longer be spending Thursday’s from 6-8 with the 40 most passionate people I’ve met. I am so grateful for these past 3 years and I will never forget all that I have learned or all of you.

GlobeMed love forever


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