Ryan’s Reflection

From Westlake Village, California, Ryan Rizeq is a second year at UCLA majoring in civil and environmental engineering. Always seen with a smile on his face, he is a vital leader of the Community Building Committee for GlobeMed. Ryan’s favorite TV show is Portlandia and his favorite snack (since preschool) is goldfish!

As the end of Spring Quarter inches closer and closer, I am struck in the face with the fact that I am halfway done with college. Honestly, where did the time go? I feel as though I just moved into the residence halls for the first time a couple months ago. With only two years left to go I am left with unanswered questions about whether I have done everything I want to, what I am going to do in the future, and if I have truly made the past two years worthwhile.

What I do know I have learned in college is that even though you may feel lost and confused about your future (which is basically all of the time), it is extremely important to have things to ground you. GlobeMed has honestly been one of these great grounding forces in my time at UCLA. Knowing that every Thursday I am going to a space where everyone is supported, loved, and working towards a common goal of global health equity is enough to help me realize that while everything is so focused on the future, it is vital to appreciate where you are and where you have been.

Even though I cannot anticipate what these next two years will have in store for me, I do know that GlobeMed is, and will be, a constant in my life.


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