Pao’s Gratitude for GlobeMed

Paola Jiménez grew up in Moultonborough, New Hampshire. Finishing her fourth and final year at UCLA, she will graduate as an Anthropology and French & Francophone Interdisciplinary Studies double major. As the former director of our chapter’s Community Building Committee, Pao continuously shares her positive energy with those around her. When asked about her favorite TV show, she states, “Friends is a classic.”

This week is what we call Week 7 in the quarter system, which means only 3 weeks of regular instruction remain. Then we have finals week and suddenly POOF! My UCLA experience will be over. It is wicked weird to think about TIME. It seems like these past 4 years flew by, when in reality 4 years is a substantial amount. When I delve into the complexities of time, I start thinking about how I sense it. As I sit now, writing this blog entry, drinking my Grande Americano, thinking about how I just want to get this quiz and exam past me, I dwell on the fact that it doesn’t seem time wants to move forward. And now, it has me reflecting on my years here. Although it seems like this week will never end, I also feel this accelerating pace to mark the culmination of my undergraduate experience. And yet, if I think a little harder, I identify several times in which I simply yearned to suspend time in order to revel in the ‘now’ of those times. Those times I wished to suspend, contain a pattern; they involve invigorating conversations that made me THINK, that made me WONDER, that made me LEARN.

The content of the conversations themselves did not follow a specific pattern or a particular theme; they simply went past superficial niceties that spoke to who I am. Many of these conversations, consequently, have transpired during GlobeMed meetings and with fellow GlobeMedders in less formal settings. It would be too dramatic to say that GlobeMed at UCLA changed who I am, forever—because it did not. Now, now, I know this sounds strange, when I am writing a blog for GlobeMed; but what I mean, is that I already was who I am, when I joined this wonderful non-profit my second year at UCLA. However, what GlobeMed did was that it allowed me to grow, to establish my beliefs and ground my convictions by providing a space with like-minded individuals that CARED about the world and wanted to start and continue dialogues on the shortcomings of the realities we find ourselves. Simultaneously, it provided solutions and alternative perspectives in which to inspect and to learn from them. In one regard, many of the conversations within our weekly meeting educated me on the realities of the world. And on another aspect, it paved the way for me to create friendships with individuals that not only care about the world in which we live in, but that CARE about me. I am so thankful to GlobeMed—although it didn’t change who I am, it most certainly nourished me and my mind.



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