Chris Reflects on Joining GlobeMed

Chris Goh is a 4th year Global Studies and Geography major. He is from the suburbs of  Los Angeles, and enjoys the L.A. lifestyle of drinking craft beers and single origin coffee.

My path to studying at UCLA has been full of failures, successes, and even the opportunity to live abroad for a year before transferring. I have never been someone to jump at every opportunity to join school organizations, but I always sought to be part of something that strived for success and change. GlobeMed has given me one of the best experiences while at UCLA not only because of the sustainable principles that GlobeMed pursues, but also because of the individuals involved.

I was lucky enough to have an amazing resident assistant during my first year at UCLA, who introduced me to GlobeMed and showed me that student-run organizations can do good with the right model and passion for sustainability. After joining GlobeMed, I was amazed and pleasantly surprised that everyone involved was not only knowledgeable about the issues that impoverished communities experience, but that there is also a continuous pursuit of broadening their own understanding of inequality and sustainability. As a global studies major, I am currently writing my senior thesis on the determinants of income growth at the global scale, and it is refreshing to see my peers involved with the pursuit of development at the local level.

It constantly amazes me that a group of, often random, individuals are able to come together for weekly meetings about the inequality around us, both at the local and global scale. The world is full of inequalities and disparity, but the members of GlobeMed that have become part of my life give me hope that change is possible with more people that strive to not only understand but to also act on the inequalities many of us too often ignore. I believe that being part of GlobeMed not only helps development at the international scale through partnerships, but also at the personal level with our own understanding of the inequality that surrounds us. 



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