Erica’s GlobeMed Transition

Erica Wang is a first year student at UCLA, majoring in Biology (pre-med) with a minor in Anthropology. She is originally from San Diego, CA and recounts the following as the craziest thing she’s ever done: “When I was a freshman in high school, One Direction was extremely popular. One day, there was a rumor that they were visiting La Jolla (where I attended school), which created a giant frenzy and induced a wild goose chase. My friends and I walked around La Jolla for a few hours, trying to scope out which building they had visited last, based on a member’s latest post on Instagram. It turns out that the photo that they posted was taken in Mexico…but my friend’s mother did mention that a sedan passed by her business with five boys singing at the top of their lungs who resembled the boys in the band…”

 Why GlobeMed?

“Why do you have so many towels?” These were the first words my roommate spoke to me. Perplexed I responded, “Because I use towels after I shower”. My response seemingly confused my new roommate as she paused before proudly announcing, “I haven’t taken a shower in over four days!” She then proceeded to invite me, then un-invite me to dinner later that day.

Transitions are always tough, especially when things don’t turn out the way you expect them to. In my naïve mind, I thought that I would become best friends with my roommate, sharing secrets and basically having slumber parties every night. But this wasn’t the case and I went to the great club fair in search of clubs that I was interested in. I combed through all the booths carefully, taking countless amounts of fliers and signing up for an exorbitant amount of club emails just for a few bites of food. However, one club in particular stood out to me: GlobeMed at UCLA. As I approached their table, they enthusiastically greeted me and began excitedly chattering about their partner in Mpoma, Uganda. At that moment, I was confused and overwhelmed, as words and phrases like “HIV/AIDS Initiative”, “W.A.S.H.”, “Health Equity” and “GROW Team” bounced around. I may have not understood what they were saying at the time, but their boundless excitement and uncurbed enthusiasm left an impression on me.
As I attended my first GlobeMed meeting, I wasn’t sure what to expect. We participated in team bonding activities, planned out future events, learned more about GlobeMed at UCLA’s partnership with Mpoma, and discussed relevant current events.
GlobeMed has really opened my eyes to events that are not only occurring in America, but also on a global scale. GlobeMed has also allowed me to become more open minded. So why GlobeMed? Apart from all the fantastic people, at least my club members shower!

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