Why GlobeMed?

Sara Settle

Major: Human Biology and Society (BS) with a concentration in Medicine and Public Health

Hobbies & Interests: Exploring new places and finding all the pretty things in life

Hometown: Moraga, CA

Why GlobeMed Stands Out to Me

When you transition from high school to college, people get excited about what the options hold. Not only will you be in a new place with new friends and new experiences, but you are also thrown into a community with a new, extensive repertoire of organizations – but finding the perfect ones are hard.

I’ve always had a very liberal perspective on politics, a longing to serve others and a compassionate heart hoping to see the world come to as close to equality and peace as possible. But, as I grew up, I began to realize the issues were much more complex than I had envisioned them to be. Despite these setbacks I came to UCLA with the dream that I could still change the world, make an impact on someone’s life and dedicate myself to the pursuit of justice.

After volunteering abroad several times in high school, I realized that global health was one of my top passions – and I feel so lucky to have stumbled upon GlobeMed on my walk along Bruinwalk one day when I heard the word Sprinkles shouted out in the masses of flyers. GlobeMed has provided me with not only an avenue to engage and understand global health issues as well as partnership – but also an open space to discuss issues beyond the realm of our organization.

A unique part of being in the GlobeMed family is being able to talk about any issue from racism to homelessness and have endless amounts of people willing to share their concerns, hopes and opinions. I’ve found a group of people that are equally as passionate about global matters as me and are willing to engage in discussion to think of potential solutions. Many organizations at UCLA act in philanthropic ways preaching the right things and putting their intentions in the right places, but many times I wonder if these people truly understand the deeper problems inflicting our world – how maybe that one issue they are trying to solve is linked to a list of peripheral issues as well. However, in GlobeMed, the chapter members are multifaceted in their love and dedication to our partner, but also to the world at large. I find myself impressed every week by fellow GlobeMedders’ knowledge on topics, and I sincerely appreciate the weekly reality check I experience during GhU. I know that the individuals in my chapter will continue to serve the world beyond the realm of UCLA, and I cannot wait to see their successes.

GlobeMed love foreverrrrr,



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