A Great Start

Harveen Sekhon is a second year student and Pre-Human Biology and Society major. She is originally from the Bay Area and is the Grow Coordinator at GlobeMed at UCLA. And in case you couldn’t tell, she loves pupusas (pictured here).


We are already starting week 8 here at UCLA. We have already had our last general meeting of the quarter, and I am sad to say that I have to go an entire winter break without seeing all of the beautiful faces in GlobeMed.

However, I am incredibly amazed and proud of how much we have accomplished in this quarter already. We have already held several successful fundraisers, a fun retreat, and countless inspiring discussions. Moreover, I am amazed at the passion and the excitement that our newest members bring to the organization. It is this very passion—common to all GlobeMed members—that makes this organization so unique. I firmly believe that the power of an organization lies in the passion and dedication of its members; moreover, I think that GlobeMed has the potential to become an even better organization through the work of its members this year. It is incredibly inspiring to see our new members play such an active role in our organization, and I hope that this carries over through the rest of the year.

I am excited to see how much we will grow and accomplish as a chapter over the rest of the year. Also, I cannot wait to become better friends with the rest of chapter, and to hear the amazing opinions of all of our members!


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