Poorna Ramasubramanian is a third year Anthropology major. She is from Omaha, Nebraska and is part of the Community Building Committee. She works as a Campus Tour guide and interns with GO Campaign. Poorna also serves with Jumpstart, a national literacy organization that promotes early childhood development and literacy in low-income preschools. She is also in the Alpha Gamma Delta sorority.


Thanksgiving is approaching, so I just want to take the opportunity to say thanks for one of the things I’m most grateful for: GlobeMed. When I first became a part of GlobeMed last year, I thought I knew what global health was, but as it turns out, I knew relatively very little. Over the past year, through the experiences and opportunities that GlobeMed has provided, I have come to learn so much more about global health as well as social justice issues that take place in our world.

I used to think that the term “health” only referred to the work that hospitals and doctors do; GlobeMed made me realize just how interdisciplinary health actually is. It is no longer just about the practice of medicine, but reaches the fields of politics, international development, and even business, and I love that GlobeMed is a space where members can come together and discuss health issues that represent the intersection of these paradigms in a well-informed way. Every week, I’m blown away not only by the content of our ghU presentations, but also the conversation and discussion that follows after. There is a common thread that binds together all GlobeMed members, and that is the passion and curiosity to learn about global health equity, and international social justice issues.

It’s thanks to GlobeMed that I discovered that my interest lies not in practicing medicine as a physician, as I had originally thought, but in the field of public health. All throughout my freshman and sophomore year, I was so confused about my major and if it was right for me; GlobeMed opened up a whole new world of opportunities and introduced me to possibilities that I don’t think I would have known of otherwise, and helped me find a career goal I felt confident pursuing. So thank you, GlobeMed, for introducing me to friends who share common interests and goals with me, and for opening my eyes to a whole new range of opportunities.


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