Get to Know the Staff: Mindy Huynh


Name: Mindy Huynh

Major: Molecular, Cell, and Developmental Biology

Hometown: Corona, CA

Committee: Communications

Question: If you could take only three things with you to a deserted island, what would they be?


A deserted island? Well, that would be my home away from home. I love tropical places – the weather, the fruit, the sand and the sea, how could anyone not be happy in such a paradise? But of course, being deserted? By myself, in the middle of an endless ocean? I mean, I love my alone time, but I would go mad without the essentials. My first item of choice would be a book. I would bring the entire Harry Potter series because I have read the entire set maybe 8 times through in my life, and spending my days basking in the glory of J.K. Rowling plus the warm sun would not be too shabby. But I guess if rules were I could only bring 1 book, I would definitely choose Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. This brought me nightmares for years as a child, what better way to reminisce on a life once lived.

Item number two? An endless back of Flamin Hot Cheeto Puffs. Why do I always crave these spicy puffy grotesque-looking chips? I have no idea. But from what I have learned living the apartment life and going to Target every 3-4 days to restock my favorite brand of unhealthy snack, is that you can never have too much red burning sensation on your tongue. (Hopefully, fresh water is included on this island, because I would need it to survive my diet and I don’t want to waste one of my 3 precious wishes on this human necessity.)

And finally, #3, the one you have all been waiting for… a puppy. What breed you ask? A golden retriever. No other wish could match the companionship of a furry adorable warm and huggable friend. Couldn’t you just see yourself running through the waves splashing and laughing and playing fetch, with no responsibilities and no problems except finding non-poisonous fruits to eat for dinner? I could. What a life. Now all I can do is imagine what life would be like on this island with me, my book, my dog and my chips. And I apologize to the stack of neglected biochemistry notes sitting next to me.



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