First Impressions from a New Perspective


Asli Pekcan is a first year Computational and Systems Biology Major. She is from Basking Ridge, New Jersey and is part of the Finance Committee. If she could live in a book, TV show, or movie, she would take a one-way trip on the Hogwarts Express to the wizarding world of Harry Potter.


Three weeks into my first year at UCLA and I’m still struggling to remember how to get to Bunche Hall from the hill. If that wasn’t difficult enough, I now have to navigate my way through weekly discussions on social justice and controversial topics, the Mpoma HIV/AIDS Initiative, and the concept of a partnership with an organization halfway across the globe.

But that’s why I’m so excited to be part of GlobeMed.

After my first ghU discussion last week, I was surprised to see how eager everybody was to discuss issues like microaggression, triggers, and the right to be offended. Not only that, but I was surprised at how comfortable I felt sharing my own opinions. It’s reassuring to be part of such a welcoming community, and I can’t wait for the many intriguing and intellectually stimulating conversations to come.

On another note, I am slowly getting to know our partner more, and how our ongoing relationship with Mpoma is really making a difference in the community abroad. I am learning that GlobeMed isn’t just another pre-med group or fundraising organization. It’s a sustainable partnership based on mutual agreement, respect, and understanding. This makes me appreciate the work we do even more; I hope to contribute this year, and even travel as part of the GROW team in the future.

As I get to know more members, learn about more issues, and become more aware of our partnership, I can’t help but feel fortunate that I was able to join such an amazing organization. I am definitely looking forward to what the rest of the year will bring!


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