Back and Better than Ever!


Amanda Abunimeh is a Junior Human Biology and Society Major. She is originally from Irvine, CA and serves on GlobeMed Executive Board as Director of Partnerships. If she had unlimited money, she would start a sponsorship program for college students who are simply cool people trying to do fun, interesting things.


I think I can speak for the entire GROW team when I say that one of the biggest things we brought back with us was an almost terrifying sense of responsibility in terms of our partnership. Fresh off the plane, but weeks away from school starting, we had all of the urgency that comes with a freshly renewed commitment, and minimal resources. After 7 weeks of being able to translate urgency into action, I think we were a little thrown when we realized that luxury was no longer available to us; we had no choice but to wait. And all the while, the weight of our financial commitment felt heavier than it has since I began GlobeMed.

But then school started, and after a crazy week of recruitment, we have new members, and once again, Thursday evenings are occupied. And somehow, the enormous weight that three weeks ago seemed impossible to lift is already getting a little bit lighter. Our new members have been in GlobeMed about a week, and already we have had an incredible retreat, put on a successful fundraiser, and begun planning two more. Our ghU curriculum has been revamped, we are planning new adventures, and while I’m still getting to know the newer members, I have never felt more connected to the GlobeMed family. I’m having a great time finding creative ways to share our summer experiences with our partner with the rest of chapter, and I can’t wait for the new members to get to know Mpoma.

The next few months will be incredibly busy with fundraisers, ghU events, and the (in my own biased opinion, bittersweet) selection of the new GROW team, but I have complete confidence that our chapter will more than rise to every occasion. Our chapter really has hit the ground running, and we are showing no signs of slowing down. We’ll reach our commitment before we know it.


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