Ryan Finds His Passion in GlobeMed


Ryan is a first year student majoring in Civil & Environmental Engineering.  He is a member of the ghU committee and spends his non-GlobeMed hours as a Care Extender Intern and a member of the Regent Scholars Society.


Entering my freshman year at UCLA, I was not very sure on what I wanted to pursue as my life career. Filling out college applications, I slapped down bioengineering thinking I would be pre-med with the rest of first year hopefuls for medical school. Little did I know that GlobeMed would help me realize what I truly wished to pursue.

Sitting in my intro to bioengineering lecture, I was interested in what various professors were talking about in regards to their research, but I did not latch onto the topic wholeheartedly. In addition, to gain the clinical experience required for medical school, I started volunteering at the hospital to gain exposure to the medical world. However, I soon realized that my expectations of what being a doctor entails and that of which I was shown failed to align. I then found myself in a position wondering why I picked my major and if I truly wanted to become a doctor.

As a child, I was fortunate enough to be able to travel to many different countries and see what life was like for people all throughout the world; on some of these trips, I observed poor living conditions and meager access to healthcare which made me wonder how these individuals survive on such different resources than those that we have regular access to here in the United States. This inkling of wonder stuck with me throughout my adolescent years. Entering college, I wanted to involve myself in an organization that dealt with something worldly and meaningful (yes, a very vague thought). I heard about GlobeMed through a friend that is involved with the organization and thought it would be a really cool way to explore my interest in global health.

When I attended my first meeting as an active member, I was surprised and excited to see a group of people very passionate about the same things as me and to see them all working towards one common goal: helping our partner. I quickly realized that I wanted to incorporate global health into my life career and that a change of majors and a redirection of my aspirations would be best for me. As a result, I explored other career options and noted that I could combine my interest in global health with a degree in civil engineering, a field that I always had in the back of my mind.

After this newfound realization of my life goals, I have felt very secure in knowing what I want and that I’ll be able to combine all of my interests into one. If it had not been for GlobeMed, I most likely would be lost trying to sift through my dreams and aspirations.

Globemed truly brought out a latent passion of mine and for that, I am forever grateful.


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