Find Out Why Harveen Stayed in GlobeMed!


Harveen is a first-year Biochemistry major and the new GROW leader for next year! It is her first year in GlobeMed and she is excited to continue growing with the organization.


Many people like to ask why I joined GlobeMed; however, I think a much more relevant question would be what made me stay in GlobeMed. I joined GlobeMed during my fall quarter as a first year; at the moment, I was just searching for an organization that had something to do with global health—a passion that I was just starting to develop. However, I have learned that GlobeMed is so much more than I expected.

It is the weekly intellectual conversations on topics of social justice, the passion of each member, and our commitment to our partner that makes GlobeMed so amazing. Our weekly ghU discussions have taught me so much and have made me appreciate the opinions of each member of GlobeMed. From learning about the homeless around the Los Angeles area to understanding the importance of recognizing “subtle” sexism, I have learned so much about various issues that plague our society.

Further, it is the genuine interest of each member in these topics that makes them so interesting. It is difficult to explain the attention that each member gives to these discussions and the passion with which they speak in many of our conversations. This passion also leaks into our relationship with our partner, the Mpoma AIDS/HIV Initiative in South Central Uganda. I consider our partnership very unique; it is the mutual understanding on both sides of the partnership that make it so sustainable.

Although it is difficult to encompass all of the reasons that have made GlobeMed so special for me, I can easily say that joining this student-led organizations has been one of my greatest decisions so far. I have met so many amazing people and have learned so much about current events and social justice, and am very grateful for this organization.


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