Kaylyn Talks Women’s Rights!


Kaylyn is a third year Biology major! She is a member of the Campaigns Committee and it is first year in GlobeMed.


My favorite component of GlobeMed is its diversity. Not only do the members have very different backgrounds but the topics we discuss about global health or social justice are broad and make you internally reflect on your standpoint.

A recent global health U (ghU) topic that we discussed during meeting was about equal rights of women in the workplace. It can be difficult to prove if women are not receiving equal rights as their male counterparts, but it is an issue that exists nonetheless. During the GlobeMed Summit conference in Evanston, Illinois, I attended a Woman’s Caucus in which we discussed oppression of women and our power to change it.

Several of the ladies who attended the conference had personal stories of oppression that they have experienced in college. One woman told her friend that she wanted to become a doctor. Her friend’s response was, “Oh that’s cute. Do you want to do pediatrics?” Not that there’s anything wrong with pediatrics, but why does society place these constraints on women to assume that they would have a maternal career? Do women place these constraints on themselves? Women are taught to be polite, and more passive than aggressive.

Whatever the reason may be, it is up to women to take the necessary steps to change the way society views them. Ellen Pao, a previous junior investing partner at Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, sued her former company for not giving her a promotion she deserved because she was a woman. You may form your own opinion on whether she was in the right or wrong; however, this is an issue that exists and we cannot be ignorant to it. Ellen Pao is an example of empowering herself to change an unjust system.

I love GlobeMed because it gives us an opportunity to address these important issues and brainstorm on how to create a more just world.


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