Charlotte Talks UC Global Health Day


Charlotte is a second year International Development Studies major and a French Language minor! She is the Director of Development and it is her second year in GlobeMed.


This year I am excited to say that a team from GlobeMed at UCLA will be presenting both a poster and breakout session at UC Global Health Day. UCGHD is a statewide conference focusing on issues of global health and development, sponsored by the University of California. Our GlobeMed team will be presenting a poster about the WASH project, primarily focusing on the importance of sustainability. The conference is a great opportunity for our chapter, where we can showcase the progress we’ve with our partner organization.

Our poster will feature GlobeMed at UCLA’s partnership with the Mpoma Community HIV/AIDS Initiative with a focus on the importance of sustainability in international development. Specifically, we will discuss the goal of our partnership, which is to ensure that the community will be able to function independently, starting first with the Water Access Sanitation and Hygiene project. As UCLA GlobeMedders have heard me say every time I teach pitches, the WASH project aims to increase access to clean water for the entire Mpoma community and thus decrease the risks women and children face every day when retrieving water for their families. During the conference, I hope to communicate our perspective on the importance of engaging local communities, like the GROW team does with the Water User Committees in Mpoma.

I don’t think the importance of our role as part of this nonprofit can be overstated when it comes to the Mpoma community. GlobeMed is responsible for a project that impacts every household in our partner community. Our work helps mobilize communities in selecting their water user committee as well as trains those committee members on how to properly oversee their water source while respecting the role of our partner organization as community leaders. I can’t wait to hear back from our GROW team after their internship to see what progress or impact has been achieved.

I hope to see a couple GlobeMed faces at the conference, either checking out our poster or attending our breakout session. But even more than that, I hope that this experience will be eye opening to anyone who wants to learn how partnership can evolve to be more than the donor-recipient model. Finally, I want to thank everyone who is helping with our presentations, and to the GlobeMed family for teaching me how students can make such an important change!


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