Tran on the “Secret” Component of Every Great Organization

11139862_936741169710525_1743840538_n-2Tran is a first year Physiological Science major and is part of the Communications team! It is her first year with GlobeMed and she is excited to be part of such an amazing committee of GlobeMedders!


I applied for GlobeMed at the beginning of Fall quarter this year after a few of my friends said they were interested in applying. When I asked what exactly “GlobeMed” was and how it is different from other clubs or chapters on campus I got the usual response of “it’s just another health medical thing”, but it has become and proved to be far more than that.

I can sit down and tell you the facts of why GlobeMed’s plan of action is so unique and special. Except, every single member can tell you much of the same. Although I can explain some of the facts, it’s difficult to completely understand until you experience all parts of this organization first hand-in particular the people.

GlobeMed is an eclectic mix of people that have come together for the purpose of helping our partner, the Mpoma AIDS/HIV Initiative in South Central Uganda, improve water access and sanitation abroad and ensure healthy living worldwide. I’m told pretty often that my personality can be overwhelming and incredibly abrasive, so there are times where I can feel a bit self-conscious about what I should or not should not say or do. Except, I don’t feel that way here at all.

Each and every person involved in GlobeMed has their own unique personality and interests but we can all come together and enjoy each other’s presence; engaging in conversations about current events, politics, equality, poverty, basically anything. I often find myself wrapped into these debates because there are so many perspectives and opinions that have opened my mind to new ideas.

I can tell you about how amazing GlobeMed is, but I can’t emphasize enough how amazing everyone in GlobeMed is. They are really the secret to what makes GlobeMed at UCLA so great.


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