Astrid Talks Achy Breaky Success!

IMG_0354Astrid is a 4th year International Development Studies and Anthropology double major. It is her last year in GlobeMed and she is the Director of Campaigns! Without her dedication, determination, and organization none of our fundraising events would have been successful!


I’ve been a part of GlobeMed at UCLA for three years now and I continue to be surprised by the dedication and commitment from our chapter.  I’ll be graduating in a couple of weeks and in reflecting on my time at UCLA I think it’s safe to say that joining GlobeMed has been the best decision I’ve made.

Within a matter of 6 months our chapter has managed to raise the highest amount we ever have within that timespan—how’s that for record-breaking? This past week we held our 4th annual Achy Breaky Heart event, co-sponsored with Bruins for Israel. We had fun games, food, spectacular a capella and dance performances, a date auction, and amazing raffles. The weeks leading up to the event were filled with stress (maybe a few tears too), but with the contribution of many of our members we managed to raise over $2,000.

Through all of our fundraising events I’ve witnessed how powerful our chapter can be. Members are always ready to help out in any possible way they can because they understand that ultimately everything we do is for our partner, the Mpoma Community HIV/AIDS Initiative.

I am lucky to be a part of a passionate, creative, and enthusiastic group of people dedicated to such an important cause. I’m definitely sad to soon be leaving such an amazing community but I know that GlobeMed at UCLA will only continue to grow.

GlobeMed love forever ❤


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