Shahe Talks The Importance of Meaningful Conversation


Shahe is a third-year Biology major and the current Director of ghU! He has much experience guiding many of the invaluable discussions we have had this year on a wide range of topics that push the boundaries of global health in exploring many issues that are often overlooked.


If you wished to quantitatively analyze the “success” of one’s life, what metric would you choose to employ? Perhaps you would look at the amount of wealth that one has accrued, or the number of years that one has been married. Many of us, however, would assert that such quantitative analyses are blunt instruments – instruments that cannot be used to measure something so intangible and elusive as the quality of one’s life. After all, we are wholly aware of wealthy individuals who happen to be depressed, or perseverant couples who live through long and miserable marriages.

I propose that there is, however, a quantitative metric that can adequately describe the qualitative aspects of one’s life. It is merely the number of enjoyable conversations that one has had during their lifetime. On its face, this may seem a banal choice, but the simplicity of this metric belies its evolutionary and sociological importance. The gregariousness of humankind has been established twofold – firstly through our evolutionary development as social animals, and secondly through the self-awareness that is afforded to us by our rational mind. As a result, solitary confinement (in other words, loneliness) is considered to be one of the cruelest punishments that a human being can experience.

So where does GlobeMed come into this overly long treatise on the quality of human life? To put it plainly, GlobeMed has consistently been a source of quality conversation in my life over the past couple of years. Discussing topics of actual importance is rewarding, but it becomes doubly rewarding when the discussion is carried out by interesting people who are intellectually engaged with the world around them. This is what makes GlobeMed so appealing, and this is why I can say, with certainty, that being in GlobeMed has significantly increased my quality of life.


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