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Crystal is a first year Physiological Sciences major at UCLA. It is her first year involved with GlobeMed at UCLA, and she make up one of the invaluable staff members of Campaigns team! Keep reading to learn about Crystal’s love for the GlobeMed family and the engaging ghUs!


What makes an organization are the people.

At GlobeMed, I get to be around respectable, amazing individuals on a weekly basis, and they all inspire me to improve myself as a person – something about the way they hold themselves, rock their hair, and take such demanding classes has me wondering how they’re able to pull it off. They have such strong personalities, and a good handful of people in that club are great role models (incidentally, my role models). And I love how inclusive GlobeMed is – it’s like one big family.

Aside from getting to see such brilliant people regularly, what I love most about GlobeMed is our ghU discussions: Interesting topics, different perspectives (especially since we’re such a diverse group of individuals) – it’s all eye-opening. These weekly discourses raise our awareness in global and domestic issues and provide a safe forum for discussion. Even hours after we walk out of our meeting room, I’ve started continuing the discussion with friends outside of GlobeMed just so I can see another person’s take on the topic. I distinctly remember staying up one night until 3am with a good friend of mine talking about nature versus nurture among other things because we were spurred by the privilege talk I had earlier that day with GlobeMed. I can’t put into words how much I enjoy discussing these things, but GlobeMed is what brought out my new-found activism in current events and social issues. Before GlobeMed, I was never really in a sort of environment where it was appropriate to debate and discuss controversial issues, and I’m so glad that GlobeMed gives me the chance to do that.

Although I’ve mentioned how great the people are and how ghU has affected me, I’ve only scratched the surface of what GlobeMed does for its members – as a 1st year, I still have yet to witness the full extent of what GlobeMed has to offer. I’m looking forward for our other big fundraising events like Achy Breaky Heart and whatever other programs our EBoard has planned. If you’re considering applying to become a member, apply! I’ll be excited to meet you in one of our future meetings, and we can both be amazed by the non-profit, student-run organization that is GlobeMed.


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