Gurjot shares her first quarter experiences with GlobeMed at UCLA!

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Gurjot Kaur is a first year Neuroscience major at UCLA. This is her first year in GlobeMed at UCLA and she is on the Campaigns team, and with her she brings much enthusiasm! Keep reading to hear about Gurjot’s “revelation” while sifting thrifting with the rest of chapter.


Just a few days ago, I was able to witness the devotion that GlobeMed harbored to raise money for their grassroots partner in Mpoma. The extent of their commitment and desire to make every event a success is not only reflected in their planning, it is seen in the hard work they put into every task. The coordination of getting members involved mirrors their approach towards creating change through direct roles and active participation.  As I anticipated going thrift shopping with my fellow GlobeMed members, I did not know what to expect, but what I discovered while sifting through infinite piles of clothing was the pivotal impact that would eventually be seen in Mpoma.  From that single dollar spent on a mere sweater, to the possible $20 we can profit from during sales, to the subsequent effect of donating and making a well, GlobeMed would further be able to prevent the possibility of diseases; in essence, this embodies a mission to elicit minor acts of hard work  that would result in saving many lives.  It was this revelation, as we drove through the streets of Los Angeles, that truly allowed me to appreciate what is GlobeMed.
Remarkably, the impact does not stop there.  Instead of simply buying sweaters and selling them, GlobeMed members went a step further and modeled the clothes themselves! As students, the members and I were on the 8th floor of a residence hall, taping Christmas lights to a wall, with their very own GlobeMed photographer, purchased clothes from thrift stores, and rising models (aka valiant GlobeMed members)! It is amazing to think that so much can be done with so little; these are the values that I have seen in GlobeMed within a few weeks .
Equally as riveting as the group’s efforts in raising money for the cause of Mpoma is their efficiency in raising awareness for issues that we seem to overlook as a society. The exposure to topics such as the conflict on Skid Row in Los Angeles and the major issues with mental health that surround us in the status quo are brought to our attention through discussion settings brought through weekly meetings.  While UCLA’s General Representatives asked people to pledge to end stigmas involved with mental health, community organizer, Hamid Khan, discussed the significance of Skid Row on a panel that discussed “Global Perspectives on Racial Profiling.” I was astounded as the same issues that came up during ghU were being paralleled by local and national community leaders.
It is said, “To the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world.” In the same way, the GlobeMed chapter at UCLA is just one organization in the world, but to many residents in Mpoma, Uganda, GlobeMed has transformed the part of the world they come from.  From the few weeks I have been a part of this amazing organization, I have been exposed to an exceptional body of individuals that strive for more than just raising money to benefit a part of the world in need. GlobeMed is home to these students, who possess the ability to run a non-profit organization and transform it into a system that wills change on an international scale. This drive is what fuels the UCLA GlobeMed chapter.

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