Alexaya talks about the student movement and the future of global health!


Alexaya is a third year International Development Studies major with a minor in African and Middle Eastern Studies. It is her second year involved with GlobeMed at UCLA, and she will be serving as our External Co-President for the 2014 – 2015 school year! Keep reading to hear Alexaya’s inspiring words on the amazing impact GlobeMed has on global health.


I have been a part of GlobeMed at UCLA for two years now, and have attended National Summit both years. I had my GlobeMed “moment” my first year, falling in love with this organization, its model of partnership, and the family (also sometimes called “network”) that comes along with being a part of it. It has completely changed my college experience from merely a degree with my name on it, to solid years of dedication, commitment, and impact. This being said, it was not until my second year – this year – in GlobeMed have I come to comprehend fully the broader vision of the organization. Though of course, I obviously knew what global health equity is, and believed that health is a human right. I still do. But it was not until recently that I understood enormity of an impact that GlobeMed has, and that we are actually making a dent in the vast inequity that currently exists.

It is a realization I wish every globemedder could have. I have been fortunate enough to attend many “network” family events during my time as a chapter member. The National Summits that I have attended in 2013 and 2014 had powerful themes – The Student Movement, and The Future of Global Health, respectively. It wasn’t even that I learned so much, which I did, but being together with representatives of every chapter, and quite literally seeing how many individuals are involved and dedicated to this mission, it leaves you with a hopeful enthusiasm that cannot be found anywhere else. Letting that impact soak in, and realizing that though what may seem as a quite small contribution at the chapter level, is simply a part of this amazing movement that is quite forceful. I am blessed to have been given the opportunity to be a GROW intern this summer, and attend GROW Institute this past February. Looking back, I can just envision each chapter, each GROW team and every last intern, bringing light and GlobeMed love to every darkened corner of the world. We are a student movement that will light up the whole world. We are the future of global health.


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