Urmila talks about joining GlobeMed and GROW


Urmila Janardan is a first year Bioengineering major at UCLA. This is her first year involved with GlobeMed at UCLA. Urmila is a staff member of the ghU committee, and will be one of our GROW interns this summer! Read on to learn about Urmila’s first encounter with GlobeMed and her experience at the GROW institute in Chicago!


I joined GlobeMed at the beginning of this year – I picked up a flyer at the activities fair during my orientation. I remember during my interview I got into a discussion with Salma (Co-Pres) and Shelby (ghU Coord) about sustainable development and growing economies. I stalked the GROW blog and read all about the partnership and GlobeMed’s model – it was clear I needed to join.

Our organization is unique in the way it empowers students to directly affect communities abroad in the long term. I love that we focus on measurable and sustainable impact, and because of this I applied for the annual GROW internship at the end of my first quarter.  I can’t even explain my reaction when I found out I was going to Uganda, but to say the least I was thrilled.

Two weeks ago I attended the GROW institute in Chicago, where around 140 GROW interns from all across the country convened for internship training. We learned about the specifics of partnership and how we should strengthen our connections on the ground. There are so many different layers to this internship that we must take into account: On one hand there’s the Partnership Action Framework – a yearly contract both Mpoma and we must sign outlining the next years plan.  There’s taking charge of media – photographs, videos, and blog posts/updates, and then there’s Monitoring and Evaluations – measuring GlobeMed at UCLA and the partners impact in the community. The weekend was busy and exhausting, but I know UCLA’s team left feeling like we had superpowers. I am thrilled for this summer and I can’t wait for this adventure to start.

This chapter has been so many things for me in just two quarters – I’ve met amazing people and learned so much about the world around me. This is a group of extremely intelligent, talented, and dedicated students who truly want to foster positive change in the world. As I map out my next years here, GlobeMed is the one thing I’m confidently sticking with. This organization is awesome – from the national office, to the partners, to all the individual university chapters. We are all from different backgrounds- engineering, life sciences, social sciences, humanities –  but we come together to try to make any dent we can in worldwide inequity and poverty.


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