Hear about Amala’s first encounter with GlobeMed at UCLA!


Amala is a second year Molecular, Cell and Developmental Biology major. She is a member of the campaigns team, and it is her first year involved in GlobeMed. In this blog, Amala talks about the event that got her involved in GlobeMed and why we stand out as an on-campus organization. 


What can I tell you about GlobeMed?

             For me, it all started when I attended Global Get Down during spring quarter of my freshman year. Global Get Down was a campaigns event that had live performances and raffle prizes with the goal of raising money for the partner GlobeMed had last year. I couldn’t pinpoint what it was, but GlobeMed was really different from other organizations on campus. It could have been the passionate members, the GlobeMed swag, or the proactive goals of the organization itself. Whatever it was, I knew I wanted to be a part of it!

             Now a member, I can tell you that it is all of these things and much more that make GlobeMed so amazing. GlobeMed gathers students who are passionate about Global health and shapes them into proactive leaders. It does this by educating them about relevant topics and allowing them to make/attain goals to help fund our partnership with Mpoma community HIV/AIDS initiative.

            An essential aspect of GlobeMed is globalhealthU, an opportunity for our ghU team to educate members on a topic related to global health and to spark discussions about them. Every week, I learn about topics such as privilege, global health equity, and the U.S. health system. More importantly, I get to hear the opinions of fellow members and am given the space to formulate my own ideas and solutions to global health and equity problems. What I truly value about these weekly ghU’s are the questions I must ask myself such as how can we solve the health disparities in the world? What side effects might possible solutions have? What role can I play now or in the future to attain global health equity?

             Obviously, these are tough questions that I’m not even close to answering but being surrounded by intelligent and spirited people who are trying to answer these same questions makes it a little easier.  I hope this gives you a glimpse into my experiences with GlobeMed so far and I can’t even describe how excited I am to be more and more involved with this organization!




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