Esha shares her experience at Achy Breaky Heart!


Esha Jalota is a second-year at UCLA studying Economics and Global Studies. This is her first year being involved in GlobeMed and she cannot wait for her next two years with GlobeMed. Continue reading to find out about her experience at Achy Breaky Heart!


My first encounter with GlobeMed ever was during my freshman year when I attended GlobeMed’s and Bruins For Israel’s annual fundraiser, Achy Breaky Heart, in Kerckhoff Grand Salon. At this time, I was not a member of GlobeMed but was interested in joining this organization and learning more about what GlobeMed does. Last year’s Achy Breaky is what finalized my decision to apply for GlobeMed. After seeing how much excitement its members had for its cause and their ability to create an event that was so fun for all of the students and made everyone in the room excited to both be there and to help a great cause.

This year, Achy Breaky Heart was taken to the next level. We were able to host the event in the legendary Pauley Pavillion and had a line out the door of students trying to get into the event. When you entered Pauley, there was an overwhelming amount of people and various games and booths lining the walls. From Just Dance on the Wii to our own version of “Pin the Tail on the Donkey” as “Pin the Heart on the Child” in honor of Bruins for Israel’s charity, Save A Child’s Heart, there was constantly something to do. Many people used their donations to receive tickets that allowed for them to play these games and have a great time while helping out GlobeMed’s health initiative in Mpoma, Uganda and children around the world with cardiac problems and complications through SACH.

In addition to the games and food sales, there were amazing performances by acapella groups Random Voices and Jewkbox. Jewkbox did an acapella version of the Israeli national anthem in addition to a remix to the “Where is the Love?” by The Black Eyed Peas. Random Voices came on next performing some crowd favorite love songs, including “Yellow” by Coldplay, a personal favorite of mine. These performances were the perfect segway into the best part of the night, the famous Achy Breaky Date Auction!

Moments before the date auction began, you could see people running around pooling their money together to start bidding on their friends and potential Valentine’s Day dates, which personally warmed my heart at people were SO excited to see their friends be auctioned off and be ready to support them helping a great cause. I got to see a couple of my good friends be auctioned off, which was definitely the highlight of my night – some of their dance moves they performed were definitely recorded for future laughs.

Overall, I can say, on behalf of GlobeMed and Bruins for Israel, that this year’s Achy Breaky Heart was a HUGE success and I am so honored to say that I am a part of this organization. There is definitely a family within GlobeMed and together we strive to make a difference in people’s lives by engaging our friends and peers on this amazing campus, and this event proved to me how we could do that. And we also helped a couple people get a Valentine’s Day date, so I would say it was pretty much a win-win all around.


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