Varshini talks about her GlobeMed experience!

Varshini Sundaram is a fourth year biology major. As our director of campaigns, Varshini is responsible for organizing GlobeMed at UCLA’s fundraising efforts. It is Varshini’s second and final year in GlobeMed, and we are all so grateful for her time at UCLA. Read about Varshini’s experiences in GlobeMed below!


What’s good, homies?

I guess what I want to talk about in my post is how fortunate I feel to be a part of this organization.  There are so many campus organizations, and I don’t know what brought me to GlobeMed.  But, what I do know is that I honestly feel like I have found the greatest group of individuals that I will ever be surrounded by.  Every week, I am so amazed by the perspectives and knowledge that each one of you bring to meeting.  The amount I learn from just listening and discussing is out of this world, and this indispensable knowledge is something that I cannot get from a textbook.  When I graduate from UCLA, I’m not going to remember every single thing I learned in my classes nor do I think I will apply a lot of it to my work in the real world.  GlobeMed, to me, has been the foundation for my education.  Regardless of my field, I know that I will continue to advocate for global health and use human rights as an engine for meaningful action.  And even though being on EBoard may be stressful and chaotic at times, nothing feels better than knowing that everything we are doing as a chapter is (slowly, but surely) bridging the gap in health inequalities.  What I love most about us is that not only do we bring diverse perspectives, but we also bring a wide array of skills to the table.  These skills range from Photoshop editing, to critical analysis skills, to people skills (and many more!).  Though the skills are unrelated, they work together, and each skill is more than beneficial to strengthening our partnership with Mpoma.  Not to mention, we are extremely attractive and have personalities to match. 

Being around all of you makes the thought of graduation so difficult….

Anyway, I love you, happy 3rd week, and let’s make memories together!

P.S. Achy Breaky Heart planning is well underway, and we are so excited for each one of you to experience the best day of your life! Tuesday, February 9th in the Pavilion Club in Pauley at 6 pm!  GET PUMPED.  If you’re gonna be lonely on Valentine’s Day……..I’m gonna be lonely, too. 



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