Tanwe introduces our partner, Mpoma Community HIV/AIDS Initiative!


Tanwe, a fourth year biology major, has been a member of GlobeMed at UCLA for the past few years. She is currently the Director of Partnership and was a part of the GROW team this past summer where she visited our partner, Mpoma Community HIV/AIDS Initiative. She has been hugely important in informing our chapter about our partner. Continue reading to find out her thoughts about her experience visiting Mpoma Community HIV/AIDS Initiative!


GlobeMed at UCLA is excited to announce our new partnership with Mpoma Community HIV/AIDS Initiative in Mpoma, Uganda!  As the Director of Partnership, I got the opportunity to cultivate the relationship with our new partner organization this summer by working on the ground with the Program Manager, Wandera Peter. Mpoma Community HIV/AIDS Initiative focuses on improving the health and well-being of community members in the Mpoma area. They conduct programs such as HIV Testing, Contraception Distribution, Malaria Net Distributions, and Food Nutrition and Safety.

While partnership is often a daunting idea based on a mutual respect, understanding and growth, we, as GlobeMed at UCLA, anticipate a prosperous road ahead. Interacting with community members in the local area showed the GROW team and me how important the work of Mpoma is to progress in the region. Furthermore, hearing the story of Mpoma’s founding by a small group of caretakers and seeing how it has grown since its humble founding makes us hopeful for our future joint endeavors.


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