Alexaya talks about her experience at Summit!

Alexaya is a second year majoring in International Development Studies and minoring in Global Studies. As a member of the campaigns committee, she has been a key part of helping GlobeMed host its key events. Last week she went to GlobeMed’s 2013 Global Health Summit in Evanston, Illinois where she learned more about our organization. Alexaya is an important part of our chapter and we can’t wait to see her GlobeMed love continue to grow. Continue reading to find out what she thought about summit!


Despite having been a part of GlobeMed at UCLA for almost a whole academic year, I don’t quite think I understood how much being a part of this wonderful organization meant to me until I journeyed all the way to Evanston, IL to be a part of this year’s national summit. It wasn’t until the trip was nearly taken away due to complications with the airline, that I realized how much I love GlobeMed and how badly I wanted to go to Summit. Members who had attended in previous years told me all about how life changing and amazing it is the whole year, and actually is. I was only able to attend the final day of this year’s summit, but it is by far one of the most memorable days I think I will ever have during my time at UCLA.

The most unforgettable part of that day was being able to hear Leymah Gbowee speak. This beautiful Nobel laureate is not only hilarious, but incredibly inspiring. Her words about finding passion, drive and being bold enough to break tradition for what is right, will stay with me forever. I only wish that every student could hear what she has to say, to feel the power of her words. Among many things, she asked us to find what is within us – what is unique about us that gives us our passion. My favorite quote (which is difficult to glean out of all the amazing things this woman said) is, “Most of the things that keep us up at night, are the things that keep us going. What is in you? What is it that keeps you up at night?” I hope that everyone can reflect upon this and find what is in them. Once you find that passion, you become unstoppable.

The other part of that day that I enjoyed was breaking up into our small groups after hearing Leymah speak. I was the only member from UCLA’s chapter in my group, with girls from various other small schools vastly different from ours. It was a truly unique and amazing experience to be able to come together with them to talk and discuss how our chapters run, and get ideas from one another. I passed on some of the fun things we do for community building in our chapter, and got to listen about the campaigns events that other chapters have. One of the best parts of that conversation was about GROW. One girl in my small group was going on the first GROW trip for her chapter and shared with us her nervousness, and was comforted by a past GROW intern from another chapter. This experience of having members from all these different chapters come together over this common passion we all have is truly something to experience. Those who went to Summit can attest that it is difficult to put into words the bond/connection you already feel with these people before you even meet them. I suppose GlobeMed love is the only way to say it! Summit is full of GlobeMed love. GlobeMed love from National, GlobeMed love across chapters, GlobeMed love within UCLA’s own chapter. I loved not only being able to connect with other chapters’ members, but also being able to spend time with UCLA’s members as well! I think its safe to say that there was some serious GlobeMed at UCLA bonding while we were there, and many memories made.

Looking back on the entire experience, Summit was wonderful. I am definitely glad I made the decision to go. It is indeed as much of a life changing experience as everyone says, and I would highly encourage anyone who did not have the chance to attend this year, to apply next year if you can. If you didn’t love GlobeMed with all your heart before you go, you definitely will afterwards.

Infinite GlobeMed love,




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