Varshini expresses her interest in global health

Varshini recently joined GlobeMed and has already learned a lot from being a part of this chapter. She is a third year Molecular, cell, and developmental biology major planning to get her Masters degree in Public Health. She is currently a part of the campaigns committee and is instrumental in helping the chapter fundraise and put on events. Keep reading to find out how GlobeMed has influenced her interest in global health!


Though I have only been involved in GlobeMed for just over half a year, I have seen a significant increase in my knowledge of the world and overall intellectual development. Being a molecular biology major hasn’t exactly provided me with the opportunity to explore my interests outside of the science aspect of the field. We are taught to study, memorize, and compete, but never to discuss and explore each other’s ideas, both of which are essential to learning. GlobeMed has provided me with a forum to express myself and listen to other’s opinions in a safe place, a place where there is no judgement. It has allowed me to find a middle ground between my main interests, public health, medicine, and social work. I enjoy the opportunity to share my ideas with people who share the same passions and goals as me. Being a part of the chapter at UCLA has even given me to ability to extend my interest in public health to the idea of global health. Though medicine has always intrigued me, I was never sure if I could see it in my future. The thought of going to medical school always seemed so distant. However, I have come to realize that maybe I can pursue something that will satisfy both myself and those around me. My dream is to travel to various third world countries, aiding with treatment, attending to the sick and the poorest of people, and strengthening communities. I am determined to become part of a humanitarian organization, like Doctors Without Borders, which models itself around the ideas of medical ethics and impartiality. I am not concerned with how much money I will make or how successful I will be because I know that success, for me, will come in the form of satisfaction of those around me. GlobeMed has taught me to embrace these interests of mine, and I look forward to strengthening my education and future surrounded by such open-minded, energetic, and committed leaders.

I knew that I wanted to attend Summit after seeing that this year’s overarching topic questions why student involvement is crucial to social movement in our society. I am looking forward to this perspective-altering experience because I will be able to meet other students who are just as passionate (or even more) as me about global health issues. Though we may have our differences, we are all similar in that we recognize our importance to our respective partner organizations. I know that my personal experiences and observations that have been developing over the past 21 years of my life will enable me to share stories and learn about why it is our responsibility as students to be the engine of social change. I cannot wait.

Good luck on finals, everyone! Kick some major butt.

Cupcakes galore and lots of GlobeMed love,



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