Geoffrey ponders about what GlobeMed has taught him

Geoffrey is a first year molecular biology student here at UCLA. He recently joined GlobeMed this year and has already contributed so much to our chapter. As a part of the Communications team, he has helped improve our marketing with his work on our chapter’s videos. He hasn’t been year for long but he has already become an important member in GlobeMed. Keep reading to find out what he’s learned from GlobeMed so far!


It never occurred to me how life changing helping individuals in another country would be. I always thought domestic policy should be held to a higher degree than international policy, I always thought we should help those in the United States, before we even considered helping other nations. I thought helping another nation would be unsustainable, that it would place too much of a burden on both parties because we would want to give more than we could and they would want more than we could give. GlobeMed teaches me how to make the best of what our organization can do and how focusing on the issues that we can solve should be our main priority. GlobeMed teaches me how to form a family here at UCLA and work with this family toward the betterment of our family overseas. This family teaches me how to not be selfish, or just think of Americans and Americans only, but truly expand my values and compassion for people in much worse situations.

The Last GlobeMed meeting I attended truly opened my eyes to a variety of health issues facing children. It became obvious, how hard hit children are in other countries where there is not enough importance placed in the well being of children. How disease easily treated with vaccines are causing the most problems in developing countries, mainly because of the lack of funds allocated to healthcare for impoverished children. These are the problems GlobeMed hopes to make non-existent. We work toward the ideal that nothing is perfect, and that nothing we can do can ever be enough, but not doing anything because of this is unacceptable. GlobeMed expands my field of vision such that I can truly say I care for the well being of the community and families we are fundraising for. I hope that we can expand this chapters reach into limitless bounds and help the Nwoya Youth Health Center thrive.

Globemed love,




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