Tanwe shares her experience at GROW training

Tanwe is a third year biology major. As the globalhealthU coordinator, she is in charge of informing both our chapter and the community about current global health issues. She and the rest of the ghU team are responsible for facilitating discussions in the chapter every week and expanding our knowledge about health issues throughout the world. We are grateful for all her hard work and can’t wait to see what else she brings to GlobeMed in the future. This year she is a part of the GROW team and has a lot of thoughts about her upcoming trip. Continue reading to find out her thoughts after the recent GROW training!


Up until GROW training, the idea that I would be spending 6 weeks in Uganda seemed like an abstract concept. Everything I discussed with the GROW team was a hypothetical scenario of what the future would be like; but this weekend, it hit: I am about to embark on an amazing journey.

The GROW trip is a cornerstone in the partnership and we, as interns, are the emissaries. We represent not only our chapter and GlobeMed, but also, in many cases, the only opportunity the people within our partner community will have with foreigners. So how do we correctly portray ourselves? How do we make sure we are embodying partnership and not charity? These thoughts crept into my mind as GROW Training began. Throughout the weekend, my fears were quelled by the conversations I had with other GROW interns and the realization that there is no way to be completely prepared for every situation that will be encountered.

The GROW training gave me the words to articulate my concerns and a space to share my fears. The time I spent with the other interns also showed me I was part of a community of students that will be there to support me and our GROW team as we learn from our partners. I know that my experience this summer will be full of surprises and challenges, but I feel confident in my ability to overcome those obstacles after GROW training.

Globemed love,




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