Alexis talks about Achy Breaky Heart and last meeting’s discussion

Alexis is an Environmental Science major from Morgan Hill, California who is passionate about global health and other health issues. She has contributed significantly to the Communications team with her work on the quarterly newspaper. We are lucky to have her in GlobeMed and can’t wait to see what else she brings to the chapter in the future. Read her post below to find out what she thought about last week!


Last week we had a very interesting discussion during meeting about the rights of the healthy versus the rights of the sick. We read an article about a woman in Canada who was put into prison for refusing tuberculosis treatment, and deliberated whether or not this was a good way to treat the situation. An interesting comment was that she was effectively quarantined – albeit in a brute manner – to protect the rights and health of the masses from the deadly disease she carried. Likewise, we said that any individual has the right to refuse treatment, but they should be prepared to deal with the legal and social consequences of their decision. Additionally, we generally agreed that prison is not where the sick belong – the sick deserve treatment, but if they refuse that treatment it seems that hospitalization may not be the best decision either. We went on to discuss the pros and cons of quarantining an area, holding a debate where one side argued that quarantining an area the size of UCLA was the correct thing to do, while the other half maintained that quarantine is not the best solution. I personally had never given much thought to the topic, and it was enlightening to hear so many points of view and intelligent, thoughtful opinions on the subject.

This lesson ended up tying in perfectly with our recent event titled Achy Breaky Heart, where GlobeMed at UCLA partnered with Bruins for Israel in a fun-filled fundraising event. All the funds that GlobeMed raised went to our partner in Uganda, and Bruins for Israel put their proceeds toward heart surgeries for children in the developing world. We had fun games, food, a fortune teller, and amazing raffles and giveaways in addition to fantastic a capella performances and a date auction. The event was our biggest fundraiser to date, and we couldn’t be more excited about the popularity of the event and its implications for our partner, the Nwoya Youth Center.

GlobeMed at UCLA has been as exciting and poignant as ever in the last few weeks, and I consider myself lucky to be part of such a productive, thoughtful group of people dedicated to such an important cause.

Globemed love, Alexis




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