Huong reflects on what she’s learned from GlobeMed

Huong is a fourth year Physiological Sciences major who is passionate about global health. She recently joined GlobeMed this past year and has already made a profound impact on the chapter through her work on marketing and media as a part of the Communications team. We have been so lucky to have her as part of our chapter and can’t wait for you to read her experience about GlobeMed so far! Check out the post below.


It has only been a quarter and a half since I have joined GlobeMed, and looking back, all my ideas about global health then had only just scratched the surface of all I was to learn in the months to come. As a part of GlobeMed, I get the opportunity to learn all about social injustices and health inequalities throughout the world, and I have taken much more away from this opportunity than I could have ever imagined.  Global Health U (ghU) every week presents new and relevant issues on the idea of health as a human right. Discussions spark so many different sides to what at first may seem like a simple answer.  I have gained so much insight on these matters all thanks to fellow GlobeMedders, and I could not ask for more.

One thing that stuck out most to me was something I learned during one of our awareness events where we watched the documentary film Bouncing Cats. This film was about changing the lives of youth in Uganda through hip-hop. The community all gathered and danced with such passion and joy. Everyone, especially the youth, was so positive, and their energies and spirits, inspiring. It was difficult for me to fathom that even amidst the lack of healthy living conditions along with other far from ideal circumstances, the community lived with such high spirits. This is because they have not experienced and do not know any living conditions better than what they have all their life.  I have been blessed with a healthy life and adequate living conditions, and it is difficult for me to imagine a life any different because what I experience I considered typical, but this is true for the children in Uganda as well.  What they experience everyday and how they live is, in their eyes, casual and normal when in reality it is far from it. From limited access to health care and clean water, this life is considered normal to some, and this was difficult for me to accept.  What GlobeMed is doing, fighting for global health and social justice, is a step in a positive direction. I am thrilled and honored to be part of such a remarkable organization, to be able to learn so much, and I have high hopes for what GlobeMed will accomplish in the near future.

Globemed love, Huong



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