Shelby is excited about her GlobeMed summer (and we are too!)

Shelby is a third year Anthropology/African studies major who is super passionate about GlobeMed among other non-profit organizations she is involved in. This is her first year being a part of the GlobeMed chapter, and she certainly has made her voice heard as a small groups facilitator on the gHU team. Originally from Woodland, California, Shelby has made a huge impact on her time at UCLA and we could not be more excited that she is spending time with us at GlobeMed at UCLA. Check out her post below for some news from Shelby.


As Juliette posted before we left for winter break, I am so pleased, honored, and probably any other adjective you could think of to say that I am too a member of this years GROW team. Being a very new member to GlobeMed, I cannot believe I am getting the opportunity to go on this trip, with may I add, three wonderful other team members. As we have started planning more and more each week for our trip, and we learn more about Anaka and the Nwoya Youth Center, I cannot believe the stark differences there are from life in America and life in Uganda. I am blessed to be able to not only be a part of such a wonderful organization and partnership but also getting to experience many of these health disparities in Uganda and directly contribute to our partnerships success.

In my short time as a member of GlobeMed, I have already gained and received so much, so much in fact that I am not sure what I did for my first two years of college without GlobeMed.  Each week we gather to discuss worldly issues and show how truly compassionate our generation is. I am fortunate enough to say I get to surround myself with people who care and who truly will make a difference in this world. I have seen how truly wonderful our chapter is, not only as individuals, but also as college students which so much intelligence and thoughtfulness. Every week I get to experience and hear these young men and women speak with such poise and kindness that it reaffirms that I not only chose to attend the right university but more importantly I joined the right organization on campus.



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