Sara talks about her instant connection with GlobeMed!

The quarter may be winding down as we all get ready for finals and the holiday, but GlobeMed members are always active in their passion and enthusiasm for global health equality. New to GlobeMed, Sara Mohamedy is a fourth year English major with such passion. As a part of the Global Health U team, Sara will help spread awareness and educate our GlobeMed staff. TO better understand the love and compassion GlobeMed members feel, read Sara’s blog about how instantaneous her connection with GlobeMed was.

It only took one session of GlobeMed’s GlobalHealthU session to change my perception of global health, and that was the first session of GHU. Through a game in which the collective decision of GlobeMed students decides the fate of a family in a small village of India, I learned that so many families in the world are in life or death situations on a daily basis – and unfortunately, their fate is death due to the inequity of health resources. This game was a slap in the face, a cry out for help, a realization that if I fail to be a part of the cause, I have lost my compassion. I understood through this game that human compassion is what it takes, and the lack of compassion is the very reason inequity even exists. Because of this, I realized that it’s my job to educate myself so that I can educate others and exemplify the compassion that we all need to revive in ourselves. These are human beings we’re talking about – human beings that are suffering. Because we’re not suffering in this way, the least we can do is help those who are. GlobeMed provides a perfect venue for us to do this. That’s why we start off with donating blood, contributing in raising awareness, and educating ourselves and educating others on the topic of human rights.




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