Chapter Spotlight: Mikki Gives Thanks!

As the holiday weekend is winding down, we as GlobeMed at UCLA have felt very thankful for all that we’ve been given and granted this year. This week we’ve got our second chapter member spotlight from Mikki who comes all the way from Delaware to join the movement for global health equity here at UCLA. She is a second year, biochemistry major on the campaigns team who is involved and passionate about helping others. She may be new to our chapter, but she is no novice when it comes to being compassionate about other people. We’re so excited to have her and the rest of our staff grow together, and we are thankful for our supporters! Check out Mikki’s post below to see why we’re so proud of our chapter!


In light of this week’s holiday, I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what I am thankful for in my life. For one, I am so thankful to be a new member of GlobeMed at UCLA’s family! These wonderful, talented, hard working, amazing, driven students (did I go overboard with the adjectives?) really are already making such a positive impact on the not only the UCLA campus, but also the world, and I guarantee there is so much more selflessness and greatness to come from each and every one of them.

I am also thankful and grateful to my wonderful roommate, who knowing how much GlobeMed at UCLA means to me, gave blood for the first time despite her fear of needles in our  Thanks (for your blood) Giving blood drive! It makes me so happy to see that the UCLA campus supports our organization whole-heartedly in trying to make the lives of everyone around us better, in absolutely any way we can.

But, most of all I am so thankful for the life I live and the opportunities I have been given. We live in a world where food, shelter, education, and health care is often taken for granted. We are blessed with so much, and being a part of GlobeMed at UCLA has really made me appreciate all that I have. Our partner in Uganda, the Nwoya Youth Center, works extraordinarily hard to provide sanitary pads to girls so they do not have to drop out of school. I find it impossibly hard to wrap my head around the idea that something so trivial and normal in my life could change the lives of girls in Uganda drastically. These girls rely on us for basic hygienic materials that in our developed world seems ridiculous to go without. It really puts our world into perspective. Not all people are given equal opportunities, and it is not their fault. They cannot help the lives they were born into, just as much as we cannot help the fact we were born into such fortunate situations. What we often take for granted, is life changing for so many others.

So, during this holiday season, I ask all of you wonderful people to appreciate the amazing lives we live and to think of all the other less fortunate people in the world. And, maybe, you’ll be inspired, as I have been, to help someone out. Does not matter whether you donate to charity, volunteer in a soup kitchen, or give a simple compliment to a stranger; every little selfless act means something to someone. Who knows, maybe you will change someone’s life for the better. Happy holidays!

So much GlobeMed and every other kind of love out there,


Mikki at LACMA this past year!

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