To our outgoing seniors.

(+ Dev, Alexis, Julia, and Rachel)

Even though graduation may officially be over, it is going to be so rough to say goodbye to you all. To say this year has been phenomenal would be understating the magnitude of everything that we have accomplished, from building a rock-solid community of friends to almost tripling our fundraising goal. Y’all have provided tremendous guidance, encouragement, and inspiration to the rest of us and lifted us to places we never even thought we could go. Seriously, GlobeMed at UCLA has become a powerhouse. And it is largely a consequence of your determination and commitment, which pushes the rest of us to reach your standard.

I know that I speak for the entire chapter when I say that we’ll miss you. It’s going to be extremely strange to function without you, but I know that we will survive. And I think that you should be proud that you created a chapter that can sustain itself and continue on into the future. You created a community that can only be strengthened and instilled in us a passion to continue on with the movement. We will be able to achieve so much next year because of the foundation that you have built us.

We will be watching very carefully to see the great things that y’all will do in the upcoming years and we know that you’ll be keeping tabs on us too. Together, we have walked far and together, we will continue walking far.

You are the greatest. We love you. We’ll miss you. Come back and visit. Go out and do great things.


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