Fresh Beginnings

“What is GlobeMed?” “I don’t know any of these faces.” Pause. BREATHE. “Looks like they all know the ins and outs!”. Pause. “Okay Huma, just go with it”…

This was undoubtedly my initial reaction to my encounter with the GlobeMed. However, the pieces fell into place rather quickly. As a new member to GlobeMed, in addition to being a new student at UCLA, I was impressed to see such a cohesive, not to mention productive organization on campus. After attending our first couple of meetings I was excited to be a part of a group that was so structured and committed to a purpose. Being a part of the chapter, I hope to gain greater insight on specific issues that face underprivileged communities locally as well as globally. The previous goat project that I learned about was so different from the traditional “charity” efforts that involve sending money over, that I feel I can really make a preventative impact through my involvement. But since the year has just kicked in, and things are still fresh, I am eager to see what lies ahead and get to know everyone a little bit better!:)



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